Neck Pain Treatment Camberwell

Visit an Osteopath

Peter Simpson Osteopath offers pain relieving treatment for people suffering with neck pain in Camberwell, tailoring treatment plans uniquely to each person. Whether you suffer from long term neck problems or have recently started to feel pain, I can provide safe treatment which works to treat pain, movement restrictions, stiffness or ‘trapped’ nerves.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Osteopathy is a person centred approach providing the most suitable treatment for your diagnosis, age and fitness.

I provide a range of gentle hands on treatment techniques designed to increase the motion in your neck and reduce muscle and joint pain.

What happens when I make an appointment?

When searching for a place to receive neck pain treatment in Camberwell, Peter Simpson Osteopath is just a short journey away. The first thing for you to do is give the clinic a call so that we can arrange a suitable time for you to visit.

Your first 60 minute visit requires that we take a full case history to make sure the treatment is safe for you. The physical examination will look at your posture and movement. After careful assessment, we will discuss the most likely cause(s) of your symptoms and decide on the treatment plan. The number of appointments necessary will vary depending on your symptoms and how long they have been present.

Contact Peter Simpson Osteopaths

For neck pain treatment in Camberwell, call Peter Simpson Osteopaths today on: 020 8674 7554. Get in touch to discuss your needs and to book your initial consultation.