Sciatica Treatment Brixton, South London

Sciatica Treatment in Brixton

At Peter Simpson Osteopath, we pride treatment for sciatica pain to people living in Brixton and throughout South London. With sciatica being one of the most common problems to affect the low back, hips and legs, it’s important tor us to offer treatment for it. There are many things that can cause sciatica and the right treatment will help to alleviate the issue.

If you’re in need of sciatica treatment in Brixton or if you’re based in anywhere in the South London area and are in need of treatment, then be sure to book an appointment with Peter Simpson Osteopath.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica is caused the irritation of the sciatic nerve. People suffer from different pain levels, ranging in severity from niggling paint to debilitating. Should you be experiencing pain in your back, hips or legs and it isn’t easing then you need to seek professional help. Sciatica symptoms will typically settle within 4-6 weeks but can persist longer.

  • Local heat (ensuring that the skin is protected) may relieve pain and muscle spasm.
  • A small firm cushion between the knees when sleeping on the side, or several firm pillows propping up the knees when lying on the back, may ease symptoms.
  • Try to stay active, resume normal activities, and return to work as soon as possible.
  • Bed rest is not recommended. Normal movements may produce some pain which should not be harmful if activities are resumed gradually and as tolerated.
  • You don’t need to be pain-free before returning to normal activities or work. Work adjustments can make an early return to work possible; this may be arranged by an Occupational Health department if available.
  • Keeping as active as possible and exercising regularly is important to reduce the risk of recurrence.

If you’re based in Brixton or any of the surrounding areas in South London, then be sure to book an appointment with Peter Simpson Osteopaths. We carry out a consultation before any treatment is carried out.

How to treat sciatica

There are a number of different treatments available for sciatica. Osteopathy is a non invasive and recognised treatment for low back pain and sciatica (NICE guidelines 2018). Once the initial consultation is carried out, we’ll use the clinical information to help inform the type of treatment we’ll provide you with. There are many self help exercises available to support the treatment you will be receiving, which will can provide advice and guidance on. The treatment we provide is designed to improve mobility and relieve pain.

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